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Hosted anti-spam service
SpamCleanser's hosted anti-spam service offers protection to eliminate spam, viruses, phishing, dangerous content and attachment control. Messages go through comprehensive tests before they reach you, and as this is all done before any messages reach your network, it saves your business resources and offers you peace of mind with added security.
What SpamCleanser does before the message even reaches you
Before a message is accepted all of the following SpamCleanser tests are run:
spam filter spam Denial of service protection
spam filter spam Size limits imposed on messages
spam filter spam Listed on DNS
spam filter spam Concurrent connection limit
spam filter spam Black listing
spam filter spam Recipient verification
spam filter spam Sender policy framework (optional)
spam filter spam RFC compliance
spam filter spam Enhanced grey listing
spam filter spam Virus check
spam filter spam White listing
After accepting the message SpamCleanser does the following:
spam filter spam Attachment filtering - Attachments are filtered by MIME type and filename extension to protect from unwanted content and virus attacks.
spam filter spam Anti-virus checks - SpamCleanser filters mail through virus scanners.
spam filter spam SpamCleanser delivers the scanned message.
Customisation and monitoring
spam filter spam Mailscanner roots - SpamCleanser is based on the highly successful MailScanner software.
spam filter spam User friendly Web interface - SpamCleanser's web interface allows configuration parameters, such as spam scoring, delivery options, message tagging and reports to be easily customised by individual domain.
Real-time view
View your email messages as they arrive in real-time and view an extensive amount of reports based on up to the minute information. Spam is scored and spam emails colour coded for convenience.
Hosted is superior
SpamCleanser offers secure email management that removes email threats at internet level, away from your network. This ensures maximum security, minimum investment of resources and saves your business bandwidth usage by stopping spam reaching your servers.

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