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Friendly end user control panel

SpamCleanser provide a simple and friendly end user control panel, making it easy for you to control your spam settings ensuring you receive the emails you want to see.

Simple account management

SpamCleanser is an online service meaning you can manage your emails anywhere in the world.  Each user will receive a secure login and via our user friendly intuitive system, they will be able to access their email settings and monitor their emails in real-time, as they pass through SpamCleanser.

Web based interface

Allows users to manage their quarantined messages and attachments, set spam filters to their own requirements and modify white and black lists.

Email Settings

It is easy to set your preferences to whitelist or blacklist certain senders, block or allow attachments and in conjunction with our support team create a highly effective system designed exclusively for you.

Email information

It is quick and easy with SpamCleanser to view reports on all emails sent to your address.  You simply login and select the information you’d like to view from a simple menu and a report is produced which can be saved for future reference.

Adminstrator Accounts

To save time we can allow certain users access to bulk email addresses and domains in order to make the management of all your business accounts as easy as possible.

Archiving & disaster recovery

This service will allow users to view all archived emails in the event of hardware failure to your email server, reducing the impact of hardware failure on your business.. 

Statistics when you want them

A whole range of reports and statistics are available in real-time with a few clicks of the mouse.